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New audio files from e*camp

Thanks to an ally there are finally two further recorded talks (with discussion) from e*camp last year available for download. Unfortunately we can‘t provide a transcript or translation. If you are interested in translating one or both of the talks, feel free to contact us!

There is the introduction to Wertabspaltungskritik from Ernst Schnell:

And also the following event with Roswitha Scholz „Ver­wil­de­rung des Pa­tri­ar­chats. Ge­schlecht in Zei­ten post­mo­der­ner Glo­ba­li­sie­rung“ (approx.: Brutalization of patriarchy – Gender in postmodern globalisation):

cafém – getting to know feminism

Wow, what a wonderful cafém on Sunday. A lot of great people and a comfortable atmosphere.


More pictures can be found here.

If you are interested. This Friday at 3pm we will have a meeting concerning the future (topics) of the cafém. If you wann come just sent an email to us to get the exact meeting point.

Now a short preview of the cafém in december.

We invited people to do a workshop on
Learing stereotypes – A Workshop about forms of discrimination in children and youth literature“.