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Lecture „Gender and Capitalism – a love story“ in Rostock

Lecture „Geschlecht und Kapitalismus – eine Lovestory…“ (Gender and Capitalism: a love story) in German

As in any good soap opera, the relationship between patriarchal structures and bourgeois’ economy is a diverse and quite varied history. Despite their great age difference they have fallen in love with each other, shared work and home, grew up together – especially on their differences. We will look at some episodes and take a look at the current relationship status. And together we will make guesses: What will happen to both in the future? Are they going to be together until they‘ll die or it is just a temporary affair? Let’s develop the story a little bit further: How would a happy ending look – and does it actually affect the script? – Interest group e*skunks

8pm Café Median in Rostock
Lecture will be held in German

New audio files from e*camp

Thanks to an ally there are finally two further recorded talks (with discussion) from e*camp last year available for download. Unfortunately we can‘t provide a transcript or translation. If you are interested in translating one or both of the talks, feel free to contact us!

There is the introduction to Wertabspaltungskritik from Ernst Schnell:

And also the following event with Roswitha Scholz „Ver­wil­de­rung des Pa­tri­ar­chats. Ge­schlecht in Zei­ten post­mo­der­ner Glo­ba­li­sie­rung“ (approx.: Brutalization of patriarchy – Gender in postmodern globalisation):

About female victim myths. German women’s movements and anti-Semitism

Do women have the same need as men to project forbidden impulses onto ‘scapegoats’ or are they not capable of aggressive behaviour and anti-Semitism at all? Are women really the ‘peaceable sex’ as M. Mitscherlich claims?
Decades-long the “new women’s movement” drew an innocent picture of “the woman” during the NS, which quite often led (or leads) to an argumentation belittling the Holocaust.
Contrary to the fact that women enthusiastically contributed to the anti-Semitic exclusion and extinction of Jewish men and women as concentration camp guards or denunciators, in feminist publications they are also often shown as ‘baby producers’ reduced to their mother’s role.
Having pulled the carpet from under the feminist victim myth, based on a critical theory of anti-Semitism we can ask if anti-Semitism satisfies the same needs for women and men, or if the projected contents differ corresponding to the different gender roles.

Ljiljana Radonic currently does research on ‘Second World War in post-socialist museums of commemoration’ and works as a lecturer at Vienna Intitute for Political Science.

The lecture will be given in german but we’ll translate whispering if needed.

May 20th
@kosmotique; Martin – Luther -Str. 13

Brazil and the FIFA Men´s World Cup

What do you imagine when someone says ‘Brazil’? Carnaval, sunny beaches and soccer?

Very well – because of this wide spread reputation of Brazil’s as a football/soccer nation you wouldn’t be surprised that it will host the FIFA World Cup this summer.

But what could surprise you, are disturbing facts surrounding this event: about 30 billion US dollars spended by the Brazilian government for the preparations of the event in a situation of poor health care, public education, public transportation etc. More than 250 thousand persons were evicted from their homes. And FIFA, which expects billions of dollars profit from the event, won’t have to pay any taxes.

The majority of Brazilians can see the absurdity of all this and prepare themselves to protest. But the state is aware of this and mobilizes police forces, considering protesters as terrorists.
Probably there will be many badly injured or even dead protesters in time of the event. How FIFA security counselor Andre Pruis stated to the journalists, the rubber bullets are considered as „low level of action“:
„It hurts, but what are police going to do? Use a pea shooter? Or water cannons? It doesn’t work up to a point.“ “You have to disperse them.”

We shouldn’t ignore what is going on even so far away from us. We should do something about it! Let’s meet and talk about the World Cup, the situation in Brazil and possibilities of supporting our Brazilian comrades.

Monday, April 14th, starting 7pm
kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Straße 13

Our weapon is solidarity!

The presentation will be given by Maria from Prague, who spent some time in Brazil recently and got to know anarchist and libertarians there, as well as the new protest movement emerging there now.


cafém – getting to know feminism #6

The cafém in February will deal with Black Feminism, Black women in Germany and the book Daima, which was publishes last year.

Daima: On Witnesses, Images and Visions.
A Book Presentation

“without a vision, every social change feels like death.”
Audre Lorde

In global contexts, Black women have historically been rendered invisible both within (white dominated) feminist movements and within (male dominated) Black power movements. In Germany, this situation has been no different and cultural representations in this country continue to be dominated by the ideals of „white“ and „male.“ Just the same, Black women in Germany have continuously organised and represented themselves – the photobook „Daima“ is simply one further contribution to a long tradition of cultural productions and creative work by Black women in Germany.

In this interactive event, mother, author, editor and activist Sharon Dodua Otoo will talk about her motivation for creating the English language book series „Witnessed“ with a special focus on the latest publication „Daima. Images of Women of Colour in Germany“ by Nzitu Mawakha.

Presentation in English & German. All welcome.

Also we will have well known things like: book corners, reading circle, children play area, discussions, games, brunch (pls bring some food),..

Date: 16th of February
Where: kosmotique
When: 2 – 8pm
Input: 4pm

Antifascist Solidarity Jam + Lecture


During the last months violent sentiments against Romani people in the Czech Republic reached an alarming degree.So called “Hate Marches” in Duchcov near Teplice, in Varnsdorf, Ceské Budejovice and especially in Ostrava show how tense the situation (really) is. In October 2013 a new parliament was elected in the Czech Republic.
The election campaign had been used in particular by the neo-Nazi party DSSS and other Nazis for the propaganda of Anti-Romaniism, which is already established in big parts of the Czech society. More precisely Nazis conducted racist actions in front of residential quarters of Roma people. Not seldom members of the mainstream society accompanied these events and attacked Roma people. Not only in the Czech Republic Romani people are openly attacked and subject to structural discrimination. In many European countries they are forced to work for minimum (substandard) wage, they are excluded from the educational system and the housing market and they are physically attacked. It is against this open and structural discrimination that Romani activists and their supporters organize themselves.

Miroslav Brož (Usti) from the Czech NGO Konexe will be our guest. He will present how the organization addresses discrimination in the Czech Republic. Afterwards there will be a Hip-Hop Jamsession taking place.

7pm Presentation
9.30pm Concert

Fakné (Feminist Hip Hop/Prag; CZ)

de la negra (Antifascist Hip Hop/Krupka; CZ)

Waving the Guns (Riot Rap/Rostock;D)

Dj* Shannon Soundquist (female and feminist mc-ing//hip hop, indie hip hop, queer rap, zeckenrap, grime, bass music, acid ragga, carioca bass, electro-hop)

In cooperation with Weitderdenken, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Sachsen and the StuRa (Students‘ council) Dresden

Cafém in January

For our café in January we invited director Magda Wystub, who will present her movie „Yes we are“. The documentary (2011) is the first to deal with lesbian conceptions of life, homophobia and resistance in Poland. Following this, Magda Wystub will report on the developments of the queer scene since 2011, as well as on the current fights of the protagonists.
The reading group „Aufstand aus der Küche„, by Silvia Federici will also have its first session. In the run-up to the movie interested people may come together and discuss about what they have read or read together. We will provide excerpts of the texts. Otherwise we recommend to buy or borrow the book.
2 – 8pm cafém
4pm reading group
5pm movie
→ The original language version of the documentary is in Polish and there will be either German or English subtitles or even subtitles in both languages. The decision will be made together with the audience shortly before the movie starts.

cafém – getting to know feminism

Our second Café – This month we will have another tasty brunch, there will be space for discussions and a lecture concerning the forming of gender identity.

The Café
Every third Sunday each month there will be a café in the kosmotique. It offers the possibility to you and to us to create a space with an emancipatory, feminist approach. Whether a reading group, auditive or visual input, tasty food, discussions or just relaxing – you are cordially invited.

Why girls* do not want to be astronauts and boys* think princesses are silly – How gender identity develops

Gender specific identities are, in spite of all individual variations, constant to such an extent, that they seem to be natural. However, “In every society … the inborn gender [serves] as a justification of an acquired gender role.” (E.J. Haeberle)
Often the process of socialisation takes on such subtle forms, that parents of both boys and girls are convinced to not have made any differences in the upbringing. And still in most cases there are little princesses and pirates.
This lecture aims to expose how, in every generation and with increasing regularity and great success, stereotypical images are projected onto children (reactionary and biologistic approaches not included, of course!)

Speaker_: Sabrina Zachanassian (Meine Frauengruppe Leipzig)

The idea is that every person brings along a (vegan) dish or beverage. The more people will bring, the more (diverse) food there will be for all of us. For those who bring something edible (warning: we arrange bread and rolls) the donation for food and coffee/tee will be omitted.

20.10. // 2pm start // 4pm lecture @kosmotique

Did Femen take over Feminism? – Questions about the Feminist Content of Femen and its Impact on the Liberation of Women*.

A lecture organized by the EAG Berlin with us.

Femen, a sucessful media shooting star. Thousands of likes on Facebook and interviews – and there’s no end in sight.
Who is this group whose name gets more Google hits than „Feminism“ and who claims to be the global women*’s movement of the 3rd millenium?
In this presentation we will explain how Femen positions themselves historically and politically, how they are organized and which impact their activism has on other feminist groups. Also, we’ll discuss the images they create and which of the plenty criticism is (not) justified.

When: 21.10.; 7pm
Where: K9, Berlin

Here we go..

eh! – 2.7 Emancipatory Days
27th – 29th of April 2012
AZ Conni Dresden (R.-Leonhard-Str. 39)

“Mom – women’s libber types are those women who want to seize world domination aren’t they?”

In our days the word “women’s libber” is used as swearword, although emancipation as liberation from dependencies and suppressions to real self-determination is definitely nothing to be berated. This liberation doesn’t work if single persons or groups try it on their own. This liberation only becomes possible if different mechanisms of rule and discrimination are reflected and combated jointly.
The group e*vibes – founded in Dresden in 2011 stands for an emancipatory practise, deals full-time with emancipation especially with sexism as mechanism of rule. In cooperation with “DieSeR – Independent Club” and “squeerdance Dresden” we shout “eh!” from the 27th to the 29th of April 2012.
We are going to start with an insight into the interaction of categories like sex, race and class in capitalism, deal with some identities and standardisation, hear about the fight for physical self-determination in the inter*movement or learn how art can be used as an instrument of self-empowerment. Apart from lectures and workshops, film, concert, theatre and party are waiting for you. In addition, but there will also be enough time for joint discussions and networking. Don’t be afraid – there will be tasty food as well!

Some more: If we can’t dance (without annoying glances or comments) it is not our revolution. We are aware that discrimination as ever-present phenomenon will also appear at “eh!”. We do our very best to create a setting and a space as much protected as possible to make all those who are interested in the theme feeling welcome and safe. For this purpose a safety concept is going to be developed. Something that is very important to us: Our dealing with each other is as much part of the event as the “programme” itself.

Emancipation is a process which takes more than 2.7 days, but this weekend won’t be the last. We call on you “eh!” – Emancipation is not a bed of roses!

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