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cafém – getting to know feminism #7

audre lorde

During the cafém in March we will deal with the topic of Black Feminism and the Black Feminism Movement in Germany.
As always there will be brunch, a bookstall, the kid’s corner as well as warm and cold drinks at the bar.

In the back room there will be choosen texts, audios and poetry that will prompt discussion on several topics.
At 5 pm we want to watch the movie „Audre Lorde – The Berlin years 1984 – 1992“. The documentary focuses on Audre Lorde’s relation to the German Black Diaspora, her literary as well as political influence, and is a unique visual document about the times the author spent in Germany. The film is also for coming generations a valuable historical document of German history, which tells about the development of an Afro-German movement and the origins of the anti-racist movement before and after the German reunification. The film relates the beginnings of these political debates and therefore facilitates a historical analysis and an understanding of present debates on identity and racism in Germany.

Place: kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 13, DD
Date: March 16th
2 – 8pm cafém
2 – 5pm Reading, Listenig & Discussion on the texts and audios
5pm Movie

cafém – getting to know feminism

Wow, what a wonderful cafém on Sunday. A lot of great people and a comfortable atmosphere.


More pictures can be found here.

If you are interested. This Friday at 3pm we will have a meeting concerning the future (topics) of the cafém. If you wann come just sent an email to us to get the exact meeting point.

Now a short preview of the cafém in december.

We invited people to do a workshop on
Learing stereotypes – A Workshop about forms of discrimination in children and youth literature“.

++Cafém News++


cafém goes quear!
Since there isn´t an announcement in English yet we try to summ the content up.
cafém in November is about queer, female and trans interventions. We will have different radio and audio plays to different topics. At least two will be in English and one in Spanish.
We still need some techniqual stuff, like mp3 Players. If you wanna help us out just come by on Saturday around 12am/1pm at kosmotique. We will be preparing the cafém around that time.
Also we are still looking for people who feeld like baking or cooking something for the brunch


As well a short summary of the conent first.
In December we invited people to do a workshop on
„Learing stereotypes – A Workshop about forms of discrimination in children and youth literature“.
It wil be hold in German, but there will be a translation into English. Even so we have to admid that maybe not all methods will be translatable a 100%, ´cause maybe there will be an audio play in German.
Anyway you are heartily welcome to join. Just register, ´cause of the limited places. You can register during the cafém in November or just by writing us an email or private message.

Also we wanna start a small book circle in December. Unfortunately the book is in German. Texts will be available during the November and December cafém.

In general. We would be really happy about new people wanting to be part of the cafém group or e*vibes (this aren´t exact the same groups and people). So if you feel like getting to know the groups better and maybe attending a plenum or so, just talk to us at the cafém or write an email.

cafém – getting to know feminism

Our second Café – This month we will have another tasty brunch, there will be space for discussions and a lecture concerning the forming of gender identity.

The Café
Every third Sunday each month there will be a café in the kosmotique. It offers the possibility to you and to us to create a space with an emancipatory, feminist approach. Whether a reading group, auditive or visual input, tasty food, discussions or just relaxing – you are cordially invited.

Why girls* do not want to be astronauts and boys* think princesses are silly – How gender identity develops

Gender specific identities are, in spite of all individual variations, constant to such an extent, that they seem to be natural. However, “In every society … the inborn gender [serves] as a justification of an acquired gender role.” (E.J. Haeberle)
Often the process of socialisation takes on such subtle forms, that parents of both boys and girls are convinced to not have made any differences in the upbringing. And still in most cases there are little princesses and pirates.
This lecture aims to expose how, in every generation and with increasing regularity and great success, stereotypical images are projected onto children (reactionary and biologistic approaches not included, of course!)

Speaker_: Sabrina Zachanassian (Meine Frauengruppe Leipzig)

The idea is that every person brings along a (vegan) dish or beverage. The more people will bring, the more (diverse) food there will be for all of us. For those who bring something edible (warning: we arrange bread and rolls) the donation for food and coffee/tee will be omitted.

20.10. // 2pm start // 4pm lecture @kosmotique


We invite you to visit as well as actively take part in a Café with an emancipatory feminist approach, which is going to take place in the Kosmotique every 3rd Sunday of a month.

The start for the regular event is the biennal jubilee of e*vibes. Exceptionally on the 4th Sunday (09/29/13) at 2 pm. You can look forward to coffee, tea, vegan food, auditives and visuals.

Together we want to create a place that offers possibilities to exchange, network, learn from and with each other in different ways or just to relax and chill out.

We are looking forward to see you and get to know your ideas .

Suitable for a birthday there will be cake. But as not only sweets are delicious, we will see that there is some hearty food too. However, the more you contribute yourself by bringing along some food, the more there will be for everyone.

L_sa // FemaleVocalist_Electronic_Dreempop_Indie
Elrike Deinhof // postpunk, synthpop, new wave

At 5 pm we will show the film Watermelon Woman by Cheryl Dune.
“The filmmaker Cheryl Dune discovers during her job in a video rental shop an actress of the thirties, who only appears as “Watermelon Woman” in the credits, as topic for her first documentary. For her filmproject Cheryl interviews women* in the streets and feminist Camille Paglia and investigates in archives.”

We agreed on fixing the Café’s name after the first one took place. Therefore there will be a pin board during the first Café, where ideas can be registered and discussed. → Certainly you are welcome to already drop ideas here :)

New Tape

Yeah! Finally we will get new tape.
It is the first time we gonna print it in English and you will have the chance to get to versions.

Sexist Crap
Sexist Crap

Racist Crap
Racist Crap