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cafém – getting to know feminism


The cafém on April 19th gives you the opportunity to take part in a self-defence training.
For this purpose, we invited Kathrin Bein, a professional trainer (WenDo Dresden, FMGZ Medea e.V.).

Topics of the training include awareness and body language, simple self-defence techniques, specific assertiveness exercises, reenacting scenarios and relaxation strategies; the aim is to reflect on and broaden one’s own opportunities of action.

Participation is free of charge,
but we‘d ask you to register beforehand – simply drop us an e-mail:
Training is for girls (16+)/women/lesbians/trans.
Please bring comfortable clothes, sports shoes and (if possible) a roll mat.

Apart from the training, our monthly café takes place. You can drop in and visit us at the kosmotique between 2pm and 8pm. As usual, we’ll have a small brunch and you’re heartily invited to bring some food. Moreover,
there’ll be a small stall with zines, books and information, a children’s play corner and – most importantly – great people to hang out with.

cafém: 2-8pm @kosmotique // Martin-Luther-Str. 13 // Dresden
Self-defence training (girls/women/lesbian/trans): 3-7 pm

cafém in March

Since the cafém in February didn‘t really take place as planned, we‘re showing the then already advertised movie at the 18th cafém on 15/03/15.

The movie is an intimate glimpse into the world of two jewish friends who live together in Berlin. Having survived the Holocaust and then stayed in Germany after the war, it is the food they cook together that they remember their childhoods, maintain a bond to each other and answer questions of heritage, memory and identity. As the film follows them through their daily lives, a portrait emerges of two women with a light sense of humor, vivid stories, and a deep fondness for good food. Created by Oma’s granddaughter Alexa, the film captures their ongoing struggle to retain a part of their past while remaining very much engaged in the present.

We want to warn in advance, that the movie has some fleshy scenes that might be too much for some people. But don’t be afraid, there wont be meat in the cafèm, instead we will have a delicious vegan buffet as always. You are welcome to bring some good stuff.
We‘re looking forward to spending a relaxed afternoon watching this movie with you.

There will also be a discussion about ‚religion and feminism‘ from 3pm. At this first meeting, we especially want to talk about fundamentalism and anti-feminism. A short talk has been prepared and we warmly invite you to join the discussion.

start cafèm 2 pm
start discussion w/ short talk ‚fundamentalism and anti-feminism‘ 3pm
start movie 5 pm
*place kosmotique / Martin-Luther-Str. 13. / 01099 Dresden

cafém – getting to know feminism

The next cafém will happen at the 26th October 2014.

Between 2 and 8 PM there will be the possibility to design the kosmotique by yourself. There is also room for debating, playing games, eating and drinking, reading books together and planning your future activities.

Feel welcome!

Starting at 5 PM we will watch „Laurence Anyways“:

The movie highlights ten years in the life of a literature teacher named Laurence who transforms himself into a woman after years of concealing his feelings. Her tremulous relationship with her family is further complicated by revealing herself to them while she struggles to find comfort with her significant other Frédérique. Though others may not initially accept or understand Laurence in her true form, those who knew her before her transformation still know her as Laurence, anyways.

20th of july: next cafém on „national feminism“

After the workshop at the EHS last month, we will continue to shed some light on the neo-Nazi scene. We invited Daniela Schmohl, historian and educator, to our cafém. She‘ll give a workshop about women* in the far right and the so called „national feminism“.
Here are the details.

The Input will be given in Ger­man but we‘ll trans­la­te whispe­ring if nee­ded.

The workshop starts at 4pm
Free entry, do­na­ti­ons are app­re­cia­ted.

cafém – getting to know feminism

Poetry from a Black Perspective – three female* Poets: Audre Lorde, May Ayim and Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo.

Those three poets will be introduced during this lecture, forming almost three generations of Black female* lyricists.
We could win Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo herself as a speaker. She‘ll introduce the biographies of the three women* and recite of the most important poems of each. The event will be embedded in cafém’s own cozyness.

cafém with brunch: 2 – 8pm
Lecture: 4pm
Entry free, Donations apreciated

Black Feminism and Critical Whiteness – cafém in April

Cafém in April – this time on the 4th Sunday of April, 27th

As usual we will have a small brunch (pls contribute), info desks, book corners and so on.

The focus will be on Black Feminism again. This time there will be a workshop, which lasts about 3h. The Workshop will also deal with Critical Whiteness. Since there are only 15 places availabe, we kindly ask you to register in advance.
Just write us an email (cafem_dresden@riseup.net) or a private message in Facebook.

Workshop Announcement:

Black Feminism and critical whiteness in Germany
First the workshop will have a short introduction on the history of the Afro-German movement and especially on the development of a Black Feminism in Germany since the 80ies. The focus is set on the leading role of women in the afro-german movement as well as transatlantic influences, especially in the shape of poet and activist Audre Lorde.
In the second part we want to consider the question what these developments and impulses (could) mean for white german women and men. What does it mean being white in Germany? Which consequences result from the critical reflexion of one’s own whiteness? Based on different materials (pictures, excerpts, etc.) we will discuss these as well as futher questions on the role of the black diaspora in Germany, on the connections of feminism and racism, and the meaning of racism and racial structures in the german culture and society.

Wokshop created and lead by Dr. Katharina Gerund

cafém: 2 -8pm
Meeting for people who are interessted in going/talking to/about the A-Fem Conference in London: 2.30pm
Workshop: 4 – 7pm

cafém – getting to know feminism #7

audre lorde

During the cafém in March we will deal with the topic of Black Feminism and the Black Feminism Movement in Germany.
As always there will be brunch, a bookstall, the kid’s corner as well as warm and cold drinks at the bar.

In the back room there will be choosen texts, audios and poetry that will prompt discussion on several topics.
At 5 pm we want to watch the movie „Audre Lorde – The Berlin years 1984 – 1992“. The documentary focuses on Audre Lorde’s relation to the German Black Diaspora, her literary as well as political influence, and is a unique visual document about the times the author spent in Germany. The film is also for coming generations a valuable historical document of German history, which tells about the development of an Afro-German movement and the origins of the anti-racist movement before and after the German reunification. The film relates the beginnings of these political debates and therefore facilitates a historical analysis and an understanding of present debates on identity and racism in Germany.

Place: kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 13, DD
Date: March 16th
2 – 8pm cafém
2 – 5pm Reading, Listenig & Discussion on the texts and audios
5pm Movie

cafém – getting to know feminism #6

The cafém in February will deal with Black Feminism, Black women in Germany and the book Daima, which was publishes last year.

Daima: On Witnesses, Images and Visions.
A Book Presentation

“without a vision, every social change feels like death.”
Audre Lorde

In global contexts, Black women have historically been rendered invisible both within (white dominated) feminist movements and within (male dominated) Black power movements. In Germany, this situation has been no different and cultural representations in this country continue to be dominated by the ideals of „white“ and „male.“ Just the same, Black women in Germany have continuously organised and represented themselves – the photobook „Daima“ is simply one further contribution to a long tradition of cultural productions and creative work by Black women in Germany.

In this interactive event, mother, author, editor and activist Sharon Dodua Otoo will talk about her motivation for creating the English language book series „Witnessed“ with a special focus on the latest publication „Daima. Images of Women of Colour in Germany“ by Nzitu Mawakha.

Presentation in English & German. All welcome.

Also we will have well known things like: book corners, reading circle, children play area, discussions, games, brunch (pls bring some food),..

Date: 16th of February
Where: kosmotique
When: 2 – 8pm
Input: 4pm

Cafém in January

For our café in January we invited director Magda Wystub, who will present her movie „Yes we are“. The documentary (2011) is the first to deal with lesbian conceptions of life, homophobia and resistance in Poland. Following this, Magda Wystub will report on the developments of the queer scene since 2011, as well as on the current fights of the protagonists.
The reading group „Aufstand aus der Küche„, by Silvia Federici will also have its first session. In the run-up to the movie interested people may come together and discuss about what they have read or read together. We will provide excerpts of the texts. Otherwise we recommend to buy or borrow the book.
2 – 8pm cafém
4pm reading group
5pm movie
→ The original language version of the documentary is in Polish and there will be either German or English subtitles or even subtitles in both languages. The decision will be made together with the audience shortly before the movie starts.

cafém – getting to know feminism

Wow, what a wonderful cafém on Sunday. A lot of great people and a comfortable atmosphere.


More pictures can be found here.

If you are interested. This Friday at 3pm we will have a meeting concerning the future (topics) of the cafém. If you wann come just sent an email to us to get the exact meeting point.

Now a short preview of the cafém in december.

We invited people to do a workshop on
Learing stereotypes – A Workshop about forms of discrimination in children and youth literature“.