cafém – getting to know feminism

Here you will find a few details about or monthly café. It takes place at kosmotique. As we wrote in our short selfdescription, the cafém provides the chance to create a room with an emancipatory, feminist approach. Book circles, di­s­cus­sions or just han­ging out –everything is possible.

Beeing part of..

    We, the group organizing the cafém, is not just happy about every person that shows up at the cafém, donates food and/or helps setting up everything. We are also happy about people who are interessted in joining us by organizing the whole cafém (e.g. the theoretical input). If you are interessted just come and visit one of our meetings. You will find the next date on our event page.

Book Circle

    The first reading circle of the cafém starts in December. Unfortunately the book which will be read is just available in German – but you are heartily welcome to start an English book circle.


    Since the first time we have a brunch during the cafém and we wanna keep it. We would be really happy if everyone would contribute something (vegan is possible).

Clothes Trade

    Bring your (old) clothes and look if you finde something new in exchange. Since we do not have so much stockroom, we ask you to take the things you could not trade of give away back home.

Contemporary Issue

    The cafém on April 19th gives you the opportunity to take part in a WenDo self-defence training.
    For this purpose, we invited Kathrin Bein, a professional trainer (WenDo Dresden, Medea e.V.).

    WenDo is a wide concept of self-defence and assertiveness, which enables
    specifically girls/women*lesbians*trans* to reflect on and broaden their opportunities of action. Topics include awareness and body language,
    simple self-defence techniques, specific assertiveness exercises, reenacting scenarios and relaxation strategies. Participation is free of charge, but we’d ask you to register beforehand – simply drop us an e-mail: cafemdresden@riseup.net.

Play Area for Children

    As a feminist café this aspect was important to us. We hope that more people are able to participate at the cafém through this. Our goal is not only providing toys and the play area, but also that everyone will look after the children who are there.

Wheelchair Accessibility

    Unfortunately kosmotique is not accessible with a wheelchair in any way.