Allies – Supporters

Since we (cafém, e*space, e*vibes) are only a limited number of people, we‘re also limited in terms of putting our ideas, expectations/… into action. Of course we could change this by making our group bigger, but we also want to give those people a chance to take part who don‘t want to be a set member of a group or who don‘t want to attend meetings on a regular basis.
If you‘re interested in supporting us, here are a couple of ways to do so:

Audio files
We still have uncut e*camp audio files on our laptops.
Feel free to contact us if you‘re interested in editing them. A good free software you could use is ‚Audacity‘.
You can choose from the following files:
* Eva von Redecker -> „Queer Theorie — Normalität kaputt machen.“
* A. Andrzej -> „Das „A“ in Queer – ein sexpositiver Blick auf Asexualität“

Brunch at cafém
The ‚cafém – getting to know feminism‘ takes place once per month. It also includes a brunch. We‘re thankful for every person who brings food along. It is, however, important to us that everything is vegetarian or vegan.

(Whispered) translations
We aim to translate as many texts as possible into English.
We manage to translate announcements of events, but struggle to translate longer texts.
Currently we are looking for translations of the following texts:
the ‚allies‘ blog page
(We‘d also love to have translations into other languages than English)

Moreover, we would love to make it possible for people who don‘t speak German to attend our events. For this, we usually use so-called whispered translations. This means that those people in need of translations sit around the translator who then quietly summarises what has been said.

We need a (new) logo, especially for the registered society. Unfortunately, none of use is that good at those kind of things.

Donations/Sustaining members
One way of supporting us that doesn‘t take too much time is to donate money. This could be a one off thing or a regular donation as a sustaining member.
To donate once, simply transfer some money to:
e*vibes – für eine emanzipatorische Praxis e.V.
Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
Iban: DE 22 8505 0300 0221 0618 35

Here you can find further information on how to become a sustaining member. (in German)

Transliterations of audio files and/or films ensure that people with hearing difficulties can (re)read inputs.
It would be great if interested people could transliterate some of our audio files

Advertisement/Taking part
We‘re happy about everyone who advertises/takes part in our events. You can find an overview of upcoming events here.

We hope that these ways of supporting us also contribute to our attempts to create an emancipatory practice. We are aware that giving away and delegating supposedly easy tasks can strengthen hierarchies of knowledge and decision. An extreme example would be the separation of political work into one group that makes decisions and another one that puts them into action.

But in contrast, it can also mean emancipation, taking part in societal processes – according to one’s own capabilities, broadening of possibilities, making our working process partly transparent; there are also things that we can learn from this, there are also things that we don‘t think we‘re capable of doing.

Fluidity of activity, ways for people with time resources that are hard to schedule, people who (temporarily) don‘t live in Dresden, people who don‘t want to take part in group processes (e.g. because they prefer to work/make decisions on their own).

Furthermore did discourses of critical masculinity and whiteness result in the use of privileges of (whm) ‚allies‘ as an effective means to consciously support emancipative movements. Maybe our here listed ideas can also make it easier to put those thoughts into action.

We try to work against the already mentioned problems. We‘ll do our best to keep the collected tasks as diverse as possible, so that they are e.g. not limited to a simple ‚maybe you could bring some food/drinks to the brunch‘ (reproductive work, right?). This also includes that we ever so often go over this list, asking ourselves if there are any tasks that we could actually do ourselves, that can be replaced or that we can get rid of.

We‘re thankful for any feedback, e.g. if you realise that we struggle with achieving those aims or if you have any other thoughts on our ideas about ‚allies – supporters‘.