- for an emancipatory practice

e*vibes is a fixed group of people, which was formed in autumn
2011 in Dres­den. We focus primarily on feminism and sexism. On the
one hand, we do so (involuntarily) in our everyday life, on the
other hand during our weekly meetings. There, we exchange ideas,
challenge each other’s views, plan events or (re-) actions.
If you are interessted just write us and we will see if it works out.

e*skunks – let´s skunk capitalism

As part of e*vibes we are an interest group which examines the
coherences between capitalism and gender relations. We meet every two
weeks and read texts, discuss with each other and develop political
practices out of that. This way for example the presentation „Gender and
Capitalism – a love story“ emerged. Moreover we work on a podcast on
this subject. You are interested? – Then get in touch with us and write
a mail to e_vibes@riseup.net, subject: „e*skunks“.


Can spaces have an emancipatory effect? What can anti-sexist
sensitization, awa­ren­ess and support work look like? This is what
the group e*space concerns itself with as a subgroup of e*vibes.
Within the group, we want to develop concrete concepts for
handling (sexist) discrimination, oppression and violence and pass
them on with the help of workshops. For this purpose, we discuss
concepts like „Definitionsmacht“ (who gets to define if an incident
was oppressive), violence and consent, among others. The group
emerged, and already developed a safety concept, while organizing
the eh! – 2.7 emancipatory days, which took place in April 2012.
The concept was evaluated e.g. during the theme night
„se­xis­mus­kri­ti­sche Pra­xis im Dis­kurs“ (anti-sexist practice in

cafém – getting to know feminism

every 3rd Sunday of each month we organize a café. This gives
you and us the possiblity to create a room with an emancipatory
and feminist approach. Readings of texts and books, discussions
or just hanging out – you are heartily invited to join.