Lecture „Gender and Capitalism – a love story“ in Rostock

Lecture „Geschlecht und Kapitalismus – eine Lovestory…“ (Gender and Capitalism: a love story) in German

As in any good soap opera, the relationship between patriarchal structures and bourgeois’ economy is a diverse and quite varied history. Despite their great age difference they have fallen in love with each other, shared work and home, grew up together – especially on their differences. We will look at some episodes and take a look at the current relationship status. And together we will make guesses: What will happen to both in the future? Are they going to be together until they‘ll die or it is just a temporary affair? Let’s develop the story a little bit further: How would a happy ending look – and does it actually affect the script? – Interest group e*skunks

8pm Café Median in Rostock
Lecture will be held in German