„We still have our demands“. Press release of “Remembering Khaled” initiative

Dresden, Saturday January 24 2015

On thursday afternoon we got to know that the police suspects that a flatmate of Khaled has killed him. We are sad and shocked, but it is good that the potential murderer was found and friends and relatives of
Khaled now know. But still there are many open questions and we are waiting for details to be published.

We want to point out that even if the murderer is Eritrean, he does not represent the whole Community.
Furthermore it would not mean that there is no racism in Saxony and especially Dresden. Given the atmosphere in the city that is at least partly created by PEGIDA protests, a racist background of the murder was not unlikely.
Racist conditions have not changed at all. The last weeks several attacks were made against refugees alone in Dresden. The chronicle of RAA (Support for Victims of Hate Crimes) lists the ones that have been reported to the police. But there are more happening in every day life.

After the first release by the media, there appeared a lot of opinions who were either saying that everything was clear from the beginning or even celebrating the death of Khaled. This kind of reactions on the murder and on the new outcome hurt the victims of racism.

We remain in solidarity and sympathy with the friends and family of Khaled and go on fighting against racism and for rights and safety for refugees.

We still have our demands:

1. We want to know all the details about the murder.
2. We don’t feel secure to live in Dresden because many Eritreans got some actions or problems in their way. We have a language problem. So we need a translator to connect with us and translate between German and
3. Some part of society in Dresden does not accept refugees to live here and demonstrate against refugees every Monday evening. The majority of us still wants to leave Dresden because they don’t accept us. But others have decided to stay and to fight for their rights and against racism.

More information: http://remembering-khaled.org