Invitation Refugee Women


ዝከበርክን ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ስደተኛታት፡
ንሕና ክንዕድመኪን ደስ ይብለና ኣብ ሮቡዕ
21/1/2015 ኣብ ንገብሮ ርኪብ (ኣኼባ)
ብኣኽብሮት ንዕድመኪን ንደቂ ኣንስትዮ
ጥራሕ ዝምልከት ፡፡ ንሕና ጉጅለ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ
ድረስድን ኢና ኪንላለን ኪንረኪበክንን
ኪንዛራረብን ንደሊ ኣለና ።እንታይ ከምትደልያን
ከምዘድሊየኪኒ ማለት አዩ፡፡ ስልዚ ንራከብ ኣብ az conni ሰዓት 4፡00
ናይ ምሸት ኣድራሻ Az conni dresden rudolf-leonard- strasse 39.


Dear refugee women,

we want to invite you on Wednesday (01/21/15) for a meeting.
We are group of women from Dresden.
Some of us organized the demonstration for Khaled with you.

We want to meet and get to know you.
We want to offer space for you to talk and organize yourself.
We wanna know what you need.
We wanna support you.

Let us meet on Wednesday, at AZ Conni, at 4pm.
Az Conni is in the Rudolf – Leohnard – Straße 39
The Az Conni is the meeting house which we used last week.

You can take the tram/train number 13 to Bischofsplatz.
You can get the money for the tram/train back if you want.

We only speak English, French and German.
Can someone of you translate into Tigrinya or Arabic?
Otherwise we will just talk with hands :)

Invite your friends!