Khaled Idris Bahray is dead

The refugee from Eritrea was found covered in blood in front of his doorstep in Dresden. His friends and housemates assume that he died a violent death.

Our thoughts go out to Khaled Idris Bahray’s close acquaintances and friends and we mourn with them. We can only sense what Khaled’s housemates and many other refugees in Dresden have to go through due to this news.

Considering this, we call for picket at the Jorge-Gomondai-Platz. From 2pm onwards, we will try to voice our feelings, even though they can‘t be put into words. We aren‘t doing this on our own, but together. Not in private, but on the street, since this happened in a city with an openly racist atmosphere.

no words left.

- Individuals of e*vibes – for an emancipatory practice