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Allies – Supporters

Thanks to our allies we have this ‚allies‘ text in English now ;-)

20th of july: next cafém on „national feminism“

After the workshop at the EHS last month, we will continue to shed some light on the neo-Nazi scene. We invited Daniela Schmohl, historian and educator, to our cafém. She‘ll give a workshop about women* in the far right and the so called „national feminism“.
Here are the details.

The Input will be given in Ger­man but we‘ll trans­la­te whispe­ring if nee­ded.

The workshop starts at 4pm
Free entry, do­na­ti­ons are app­re­cia­ted.

Considerations on an emancipatory handling of discrimination and violence

Next weekend in Leipzig, you can visit the first part of our workshop Considerations on an emancipatory handling of discrimination and violence.
Our view doesn‘t end with legal equality or the eternal existence of police and bourgeois lawmaking. But where are the alternative possibilities? We want to search for emancipatory practices and options for dealing with assaults, our goal is the liberation of all individuals. We‘re looking for the right life in the wrong one – the impossible, which often merely ends in misery management of capitalist circumstances. In this undertaking, entanglement in contradicitions has to be expected.

12th and 13th of July, each day 1 to 7 o‘clock pm.
Location: Meuterei Leipzig

Language is german, please sign up directly at reclaim utopia.

Attention: Sweat Pants

Everyone who’s got one of our feminist trackie bottoms, please iron it before laundering. This had been done beforehand, but the hot pink colour has shown to slightly vanish.
We also recommend to wash the clothes at max 60°C to prevent discolouration. Please excuse the inconvenience. If you experience any problems, contact us.

Enough said – have fun and send us a picture if you like!

Refugees Women on Action Tour across Gernany

We like to share this call to an „Action tour across Germany“ from Women in Exile

Refugee women get loud!

Dangerous journeys, pushed around all over Europe, housed in collective homes which are often far away from any infrastructure, vouchers, work ban, a daily fight for adequate medical care, permanent fear of being deported … and in addition sexism, as each woman experiences on top of that … we refugee women have every reason to get loud and to demand a life in human dignity.
We invite all refugee women to get loud together with us!
In summer 2014, we want to participate, along with other refugee women, in a project of the musician Heinz Ratz and his band Strom & Wasser: On rafts we will travel on rivers and canals, from July 14th to August 27th, from Nuremberg to Berlin. This will be a floating demonstration to draw attention to the situation of refugee women and children, and to loudly voice our demands in public. In addition there will be a general programme in the refugee camps, where we will want to get in touch with refugee women and talk with them about their needs and problems and invite them to attend the evening concerts of “Strom and Water featuring The Refugee Women”. Then these evening concerts will become an encounter between the German audience and refugee women. You can find the dates of the tour at: We want to use this tour together with you to network with refugee women, other refugee organisations and to talk with refugee women all over Germany. We will report on our experiences during the trip on a web blog. That way we will document the situation of refugee women in Germany and make public our and your demands and your and our resistance.
If you want to participate on the float trip, please contact us! Please let us know beforehand to enable us to plan!

To fund this campaing, Women in Exile are asking for help. You can support the action tour with an online donation or quite traditional via bank transfer:
Women in Exile e.V.
IBAN: DE21430609671152135400


New audio files from e*camp

Thanks to an ally there are finally two further recorded talks (with discussion) from e*camp last year available for download. Unfortunately we can‘t provide a transcript or translation. If you are interested in translating one or both of the talks, feel free to contact us!

There is the introduction to Wertabspaltungskritik from Ernst Schnell:

And also the following event with Roswitha Scholz „Ver­wil­de­rung des Pa­tri­ar­chats. Ge­schlecht in Zei­ten post­mo­der­ner Glo­ba­li­sie­rung“ (approx.: Brutalization of patriarchy – Gender in postmodern globalisation):