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Work­shop: Gen­der-​awa­re so­ci­al work to prevent neo-​na­tio­na­lism


The neo-​na­cist scene isn‘t ap­proaching youngs­ters as gen­der­less en­t­i­ties. The ap­pearan­ce in these scene is shaped by „macho“-like male iden­ti­ties, which may attract young men*. But young women* also take an ac­tive part in neo-​na­cist con­nec­tions, which is often un­de­re­sti­ma­ted. They equal­ly pro­mo­te the the ideo­lo­gy, cover im­portant du­ties and de­ve­lop their own fe­ma­le* image in the scene. Which gen­der spe­ci­fic mo­ti­ves to get into the neo-​na­cist scene exist for boys* and girls*? How do we prevent neo-​na­cist be­liefs of young peop­le? Through an gen­der-​awa­re so­ci­al work, the pos­si­bi­li­ties of preven­ting ra­cism, an­ti­se­mi­tism and neo-​na­cist vio­lence can be ex­ten­ded.
Free work­shop with trai­ners of „Mut vor Ort“.
Num­ber of par­ti­ci­pants is li­mi­ted to 18 peop­le.
When in­te­rested, plea­se apply at e_​vibes@​riseup.​net

Time: 1:15 – 5pm
Lo­ca­ti­on: ehs Dres­den
if you want to participate, please write us a mail: