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Events around May Day

Libertärer 1.Mai und Veranstaltungen drumherum

„FAU – Solikneipe“ Dresden (Solidarity Bar of the local anarchosyndicalist workers union): Film and Discussion

    Equal Pay, Patriarchy and Capitalism

Film „Made in Dagenham“ (113min., in german, with english subtitles if needed) about a strike of British seamstresses, which led to the first law on equal pay between men and women (Equal Pay Act 1970). Afterwards open discussion with short input (by e*vibes) about gender pay gap, patriarchy and capitalism.
As always at FAU-Solikneipe: starting 8pm, drinks for donation, nice music and unionist advice. All gains benefit the union work of FAU Dresden. Currently this is about a labour conflict in Chemnitz, the strike at „Trotzdem“ (Bar in Dresden), the buildup of a section for education and science and of an office.

8:30pm: Last update for the demonstration 1st of may in Dresden
8:45pm: Film and Discussion
Location: Wums e.V., Columbusstraße 2, Dresden-Löbtau


Libertarian (i.s.o.anarchist) May Day demonstration „Defend free unionization! Resolute – solidary – every day (appeal only in german, sorry)
starting 12am at Theaterplatz, going off Theaterplatz 1:30pm


„Who becomes workless through crisis has time to…
wash dishes, care for grandma, clean the toilet, do the dusting,
go shopping, discuss, submit applications, educate oneself,
ruin, stagnate, revolutionate,
eat crisps, typewrite minutes, do one-euro jobs.
But, i mean …what the fuck is this?“

couch potato

sofas and crisps
on the Day of the Workless

Sit down or keep standing. Enjoy potato crisps. On occasion of today’s Day of the Workless (May 2nd) you‘re invited to contemplate deeply on the topic ‚work‘.

starts 3pm, ends 6pm
at Artesischer Brunnen (artesic fountain) at Albertplatz
facebook event

[a cooperation of people from Allgemeines Syndikat Dresden/FAU (local anarchosyndicalist workers union) and from the group e*vibes – for an emancipatory practice]

Documentation of the event on FIFA men*’s World Cup in Brazil

On April 14 the event about this year’s World Cup in Brazil took place, which is documented hereby: [audio recording] (lecture in English)
Therein you find just fragments of the presented videos. Here you can have a look on them in a complete form:
the first video
the second video
the third video
the fourth video
If you plan to do something on this topic, you can write us – if we can help with forwarding information we‘d be willing to.