Organising for AFem2014: an anarcha-feminist conference in London on Sunday October 19th 2014

In january an appeal to participate in organising an anarchafeminist conference was published. Shortly after that another statement was added – „on inclusion and the AFem2014 conference“. Now both was translated into german by a member of our group and this recently came out in Gǎi Dào, the periodical of the Federation of german-speaking Anarchists (FdA). In the next months we will try to keep up to date also people not understanding English, for which purpose we need translators from English to German…
What is also interesting already now: What do you think of this? Do you have questions thereto? What would you like to discuss? And: Who wants to go there? :) Here you can find the English texts:

* appeal „Organising for AFem2014″
* statement on inclusion