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Black Feminism and Critical Whiteness – cafém in April

Cafém in April – this time on the 4th Sunday of April, 27th

As usual we will have a small brunch (pls contribute), info desks, book corners and so on.

The focus will be on Black Feminism again. This time there will be a workshop, which lasts about 3h. The Workshop will also deal with Critical Whiteness. Since there are only 15 places availabe, we kindly ask you to register in advance.
Just write us an email ( or a private message in Facebook.

Workshop Announcement:

Black Feminism and critical whiteness in Germany
First the workshop will have a short introduction on the history of the Afro-German movement and especially on the development of a Black Feminism in Germany since the 80ies. The focus is set on the leading role of women in the afro-german movement as well as transatlantic influences, especially in the shape of poet and activist Audre Lorde.
In the second part we want to consider the question what these developments and impulses (could) mean for white german women and men. What does it mean being white in Germany? Which consequences result from the critical reflexion of one’s own whiteness? Based on different materials (pictures, excerpts, etc.) we will discuss these as well as futher questions on the role of the black diaspora in Germany, on the connections of feminism and racism, and the meaning of racism and racial structures in the german culture and society.

Wokshop created and lead by Dr. Katharina Gerund

cafém: 2 -8pm
Meeting for people who are interessted in going/talking to/about the A-Fem Conference in London: 2.30pm
Workshop: 4 – 7pm

Brazil and the FIFA Men´s World Cup

What do you imagine when someone says ‘Brazil’? Carnaval, sunny beaches and soccer?

Very well – because of this wide spread reputation of Brazil’s as a football/soccer nation you wouldn’t be surprised that it will host the FIFA World Cup this summer.

But what could surprise you, are disturbing facts surrounding this event: about 30 billion US dollars spended by the Brazilian government for the preparations of the event in a situation of poor health care, public education, public transportation etc. More than 250 thousand persons were evicted from their homes. And FIFA, which expects billions of dollars profit from the event, won’t have to pay any taxes.

The majority of Brazilians can see the absurdity of all this and prepare themselves to protest. But the state is aware of this and mobilizes police forces, considering protesters as terrorists.
Probably there will be many badly injured or even dead protesters in time of the event. How FIFA security counselor Andre Pruis stated to the journalists, the rubber bullets are considered as „low level of action“:
„It hurts, but what are police going to do? Use a pea shooter? Or water cannons? It doesn’t work up to a point.“ “You have to disperse them.”

We shouldn’t ignore what is going on even so far away from us. We should do something about it! Let’s meet and talk about the World Cup, the situation in Brazil and possibilities of supporting our Brazilian comrades.

Monday, April 14th, starting 7pm
kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Straße 13

Our weapon is solidarity!

The presentation will be given by Maria from Prague, who spent some time in Brazil recently and got to know anarchist and libertarians there, as well as the new protest movement emerging there now.


Organising for AFem2014: an anarcha-feminist conference in London on Sunday October 19th 2014

In january an appeal to participate in organising an anarchafeminist conference was published. Shortly after that another statement was added – „on inclusion and the AFem2014 conference“. Now both was translated into german by a member of our group and this recently came out in Gǎi Dào, the periodical of the Federation of german-speaking Anarchists (FdA). In the next months we will try to keep up to date also people not understanding English, for which purpose we need translators from English to German…
What is also interesting already now: What do you think of this? Do you have questions thereto? What would you like to discuss? And: Who wants to go there? :) Here you can find the English texts:

* appeal „Organising for AFem2014″
* statement on inclusion

Support Rheinland!

We ask you to support the film project Rheinland. Donate money and spread the link.