Antifascist Solidarity Jam + Lecture


During the last months violent sentiments against Romani people in the Czech Republic reached an alarming degree.So called “Hate Marches” in Duchcov near Teplice, in Varnsdorf, Ceské Budejovice and especially in Ostrava show how tense the situation (really) is. In October 2013 a new parliament was elected in the Czech Republic.
The election campaign had been used in particular by the neo-Nazi party DSSS and other Nazis for the propaganda of Anti-Romaniism, which is already established in big parts of the Czech society. More precisely Nazis conducted racist actions in front of residential quarters of Roma people. Not seldom members of the mainstream society accompanied these events and attacked Roma people. Not only in the Czech Republic Romani people are openly attacked and subject to structural discrimination. In many European countries they are forced to work for minimum (substandard) wage, they are excluded from the educational system and the housing market and they are physically attacked. It is against this open and structural discrimination that Romani activists and their supporters organize themselves.

Miroslav Brož (Usti) from the Czech NGO Konexe will be our guest. He will present how the organization addresses discrimination in the Czech Republic. Afterwards there will be a Hip-Hop Jamsession taking place.

7pm Presentation
9.30pm Concert

Fakné (Feminist Hip Hop/Prag; CZ)

de la negra (Antifascist Hip Hop/Krupka; CZ)

Waving the Guns (Riot Rap/Rostock;D)

Dj* Shannon Soundquist (female and feminist mc-ing//hip hop, indie hip hop, queer rap, zeckenrap, grime, bass music, acid ragga, carioca bass, electro-hop)

In cooperation with Weitderdenken, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Sachsen and the StuRa (Students‘ council) Dresden