We give Birth, we decide!

We got this by mail and were asked to publish it


On Saturday, 1st of February, we want to show our solidarity with all the people who can get pregnant.
We want to show that it is their/our right to decide by ourselfs if we want to be pregnant or not, if we want to get a child or not, if we want to have an abortion or not.
On this day our solidarity goes out to Madrid, where a big pro-choice/pro-abortion demonstration takes place.
To express it we will take a picture of us, showing signs with different slogans on them.
Also we will hold a bail in our hands – this painful instrument stands for „self – made“ abortion and has become an impressive symbol of protest. The picture will be published on the internet afterwards and of course it will be possible to cover your face to be able to hide you identity.

Meeting: Saturday 1st February, 2.30pm, tram station Alaunpark

Stop the anti-abortion law in Spain and §218 in Germany!
Abortion is not a criminal act, it’s a human right!

- Who wants an abortion, should have access to free legal and safe abortion!
- Who wants to give birth to a child, should get every support that is possible!
- Nobody should be forced to give birth to a child or to have an abortion!
- For a free contraceptives and free morning-after-pills!
- For an open, sensitive and respectfull education about birth control and sexuality!
- For a good, biased consultation and free medical support for all pregnant people!

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