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cafém – getting to know feminism

Wow, what a wonderful cafém on Sunday. A lot of great people and a comfortable atmosphere.


More pictures can be found here.

If you are interested. This Friday at 3pm we will have a meeting concerning the future (topics) of the cafém. If you wann come just sent an email to us to get the exact meeting point.

Now a short preview of the cafém in december.

We invited people to do a workshop on
Learing stereotypes – A Workshop about forms of discrimination in children and youth literature“.

No means No!

6000 „No means No“ – Flyer will be printed in cooperation with the Student Council of the University of Dresden.
1000 will be in English. The Layout, if you wanna print some as well, can be found here.

++Cafém News++


cafém goes quear!
Since there isn´t an announcement in English yet we try to summ the content up.
cafém in November is about queer, female and trans interventions. We will have different radio and audio plays to different topics. At least two will be in English and one in Spanish.
We still need some techniqual stuff, like mp3 Players. If you wanna help us out just come by on Saturday around 12am/1pm at kosmotique. We will be preparing the cafém around that time.
Also we are still looking for people who feeld like baking or cooking something for the brunch


As well a short summary of the conent first.
In December we invited people to do a workshop on
„Learing stereotypes – A Workshop about forms of discrimination in children and youth literature“.
It wil be hold in German, but there will be a translation into English. Even so we have to admid that maybe not all methods will be translatable a 100%, ´cause maybe there will be an audio play in German.
Anyway you are heartily welcome to join. Just register, ´cause of the limited places. You can register during the cafém in November or just by writing us an email or private message.

Also we wanna start a small book circle in December. Unfortunately the book is in German. Texts will be available during the November and December cafém.

In general. We would be really happy about new people wanting to be part of the cafém group or e*vibes (this aren´t exact the same groups and people). So if you feel like getting to know the groups better and maybe attending a plenum or so, just talk to us at the cafém or write an email.

Comment on Comments

Often we receive comments, feedback or critical notes. In general we are quite interested in all of them, we read and discuss them, even so we do not answer them all. Normally concrete requests will be answered within two weeks. And by the way: We respond more likey to criitic or feedback if it is not insulting or discriminating – we guess thats quite clear.

Feminism from Ukraine

In December, Phase 2 (a German magazine) will publish an article about Femen, which we wrote during the last months. This article will be published in English on this blog, too.

In advance we wanna welcome you to listen to some audiofiles. Unfortunately only the last one is in English.
It is a panel discussion: From Kyiv with Love – Queer lifeworlds in Ukraine with Nina Potarska, Tamara Martsenyuk and Maria Teteriuk.

Thoughts on an emancipatory handling of discrimination and violence

In case you’re interested we (e*space) offer this workshop: 
At parties you organize there have been incidents of sexual assault and you don’t know how to deal with this?
The group you’re in is almost exclusively male* and/or the few women* don’t engage much? You ask yourself how to point out discrimination at your summercamp? Another disruptive discussion with your friends about normative power? When you have a hard time dealing with such questions or are looking for further ideas, you might want to visit our workshop:
Thoughts on an emancipatory handling of discrimination and violence
Power relations structure our thoughts and acts. It is necessary to analyze and criticize this on a level which addresses society as a whole. In concrete situations we’re going to ask for possibilities to take action and –alternatives. Discrimination and violence are often dealt with – albeit often in an ignorant, disorganized and irrational way. Even a reasonable wish to „do things completely different“ can fail.

We are no anti-discrimination organization whose focus is limited to equal treatment under the law and can’t picure the world without police and civil law. But where are the alternatives?
We’re looking for an emancipatory approach, going for individual liberation. For us, it’s about the right life in the wrong one – so basically a mission impossible that all too often ends in bare management of capitalist misery. A mission in which you’re bound to become entangled in contradictions.
We consider ourselves distributors sharing our experiences, put them in the bin, keep on thinking, developing strategies and concepts and we would like to spur on public controversy.

We are not a supporters’- or awareness-group, no mediators or conflict managers. We do not have „the solution“. We discuss WITH you, not FOR you. We do not hand out antisexism-certificates.

The content of our workshop will roughly look like this:
- Discrimination and violence (How do we define them? Where do they happen?)
- Strategies for dealing with discrimination and violence (are there progressive alternatives to penal law?)
- Awareness raising (what is this? What is it for? How could that look like?)
- Support for victims of discrimination and/or violence, as well as working with discriminating and/or violent persons (open talk, confrontation, de-escalation, personal boundaries)
- Possible recapitulation with practical exercises (role-playing)
- Discussions about normative power
- Input on traumatic experiences

We’re open for suggestions concerning the main focus. The workshop will take about 2-4 days, depending on your emphasis and thematic priorities.

It was important to us to translate this workshopannouncement, but we think we won´t be able to hold it in English. But maybe we would find a solution to make it possible.