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cafém – getting to know feminism

Our second Café – This month we will have another tasty brunch, there will be space for discussions and a lecture concerning the forming of gender identity.

The Café
Every third Sunday each month there will be a café in the kosmotique. It offers the possibility to you and to us to create a space with an emancipatory, feminist approach. Whether a reading group, auditive or visual input, tasty food, discussions or just relaxing – you are cordially invited.

Why girls* do not want to be astronauts and boys* think princesses are silly – How gender identity develops

Gender specific identities are, in spite of all individual variations, constant to such an extent, that they seem to be natural. However, “In every society … the inborn gender [serves] as a justification of an acquired gender role.” (E.J. Haeberle)
Often the process of socialisation takes on such subtle forms, that parents of both boys and girls are convinced to not have made any differences in the upbringing. And still in most cases there are little princesses and pirates.
This lecture aims to expose how, in every generation and with increasing regularity and great success, stereotypical images are projected onto children (reactionary and biologistic approaches not included, of course!)

Speaker_: Sabrina Zachanassian (Meine Frauengruppe Leipzig)

The idea is that every person brings along a (vegan) dish or beverage. The more people will bring, the more (diverse) food there will be for all of us. For those who bring something edible (warning: we arrange bread and rolls) the donation for food and coffee/tee will be omitted.

20.10. // 2pm start // 4pm lecture @kosmotique

Did Femen take over Feminism? – Questions about the Feminist Content of Femen and its Impact on the Liberation of Women*.

A lecture organized by the EAG Berlin with us.

Femen, a sucessful media shooting star. Thousands of likes on Facebook and interviews – and there’s no end in sight.
Who is this group whose name gets more Google hits than „Feminism“ and who claims to be the global women*’s movement of the 3rd millenium?
In this presentation we will explain how Femen positions themselves historically and politically, how they are organized and which impact their activism has on other feminist groups. Also, we’ll discuss the images they create and which of the plenty criticism is (not) justified.

When: 21.10.; 7pm
Where: K9, Berlin