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Debate: „How to treat one another at the Camp“

Invitation: Debate about „How to treat one another at the Camp““

We are currently thinking about how we want to treat one another at the e*camp and how we can react to possibly occurring transgressions, discriminations and violence or much better even avoid or thwart them.

Many great, regardful, and sensible people will come to the e*camp. But it is impossible to obviate disagreeable situations to occur and it has to be reacted to them – and the best way is doing it in a planned way.

At our recent event the “eh!” which also lasted several days we had a so called “safety concept” (you can read about it here). Later on we had an evaluation and a summary of it exists but unfortunately not in English.

Actually a subgroup of e*vibes the so called e*space is working out strategies for the e*camp; how do we want to deal with each other at the camp? How can we realize what we want? And apart from that: What is absolutely impossible? How do we interact with people who do not share our opinion about being togehter? What can be done to prevent transgressions, discriminations and violence? How can people who are/were affected by something like that be strengthened and supported? Which “power” should a sensitization/ awareness or supporting group have during the camp? How can decisions be taken? Etc, etc.….

We would like to present you our ideas and inferences about it – that is why we would like to invite you to a meeting on:

Saturday, 05-11; 13:00 – Kosmoqtique e.V.

On the one hand the aim is to get a feedback: what do you think about it? How do our formulations sound to you? Is there something that urgently needs to be changed? Is something totally missing – is there something we haven’t had on the screen so far?
On the other hand our aim is to find out if and who among you can probably imagine to work on the realization of certain intentions during the camp (support of affected people in the case of transgression or discrimination, interaction with transgressing or discriminating people, different possibilities of sensitization)

We will prepare the meeting with a collection of the reflections. Unfortunately we will not be able to translate the paper before the meeting, but we
will do so directly afterwards.

For those who would like to share the process but who can’t be in Dresden on the 11th we are going to post a link for a time to live protocol.